Empathy & Vulnerability Workshop: Thursday November 24th 7:00-9:30


Empathy, the ability to relate to another person’s feelings as if they were your own (without losing the “as if” quality), is connected with having a better life in a myriad of ways. Empathy gives students better grades, patients better health, and people happier lives and more intimate relationships. Vulnerability, as championed by social scientist and author Brene Brown, is essential to the experience of intimacy and connection in human relationships.
This workshop is simple at its heart – each person has an opening to experience as much vulnerability as they choose to experience, and to receive as much empathy as they’re ready to receive. It opens up an opportunity to experience the risk and reward of being witnessed in our experience and provides a chance to question the story that we create about ourselves in difficult moments. Everyone will be given a chance to edge past their comfort zone and experience what it’s like to take a risk and to be deeply supported in that risk by their community and their peers. There are profound gifts in being vulnerable – this workshop is for anyone who wants to find out exactly what those are.


Jonathan & Michael Bean

Jonathan Bean has been educating public-facing staff in the private sector for 10 years in inter-personal skills, and the rapport building skills necessary to build strong human connection and address or prevent conflict. For the last 2 years Jonathan’s focus has been on investigating and teaching the specifics of empathy and empathic conduct, as well as practical ways to experience and expand mindfulness in real life. He has been actively involved in the Intention conscious dance community, and has directed youth camps that focus on rites of passage for the last 6 years. Jonathan draws from sources as diverse as Brene Brown (TED talker and champion of the power of vulnerability), Daniel Kahneman (author, nobel prize-winner, and behavioural psychologist) and the Justice Institute in pursuit of a lifelong goal to help people understand and relate to each other.

Michael Bean has spent the last fifteen years teaching professional-track screen acting, helping actors open up, build tolerance for uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure (the social sciences definition of vulnerability, also a great definition of what makes for good acting). He’s passionate about authentic self expression, helping people show up and allow themselves to be seen. A classically trained actor with an extensive film and television resume, Michael is the author of the book Confidence on Camera, now in its fourth edition. He is founder and head instructor at Biz Studio and owner of Beatty Street Casting Studios, and his facilitation and teaching style is characterized by an infectious enthusiasm. www.MichaelBean.ca


6:45pm: Doors open (come early to sign in).
7:00-9:30pm: Workshop

Beatty Street Studios – 788 Beatty St, at Robson St in downtown Vancouver, down the elevator to the B2 level


Suggested donation $20, nobody turned away for lack of funds


Drop ins welcome. For pre-registration email info (at) empathyvulnerability (dot) com or mark yourself as “going” on Facebook

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